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Let's face it: We will spend good money on a purse, as long as it holds up and stands the test of time. Some people just don't understand the value of a purse that holds EVERYTHING (I call my purse the black hole) without snagging, ripping, or discoloring for at least 1-2 years. 

I came across the Celine luggage tote on Pinterest, I immediately thought: I HAD TO HAVE IT! I didn't care that the front looked like the face of a purse that is sad to be a purse. It was a HUGE TOTE and it looked like it could carry my life, and my 3 year old.

Then, I looked on the website. When a website doesn't list prices (example: Chanel), then you know it's really bad. Like I could finance a car loan with this bag bad. It was. Prices started at $2,000 for the mini luggage tote on eBay, and eBay doesn't have the best reputation for selling authentic bags. Plus, there are only three Celine boutiques so it's difficult to authenticate them anyways. 

So, I decided to search for the best Celine look-a-like for the lowest amount. Most the bags that I found were even real leather.

A Celine Luggage Tote (in all it's glory) Below:

These are the best look-a-likes I have found!

ALDO ( I have no reason why ALDO does not even advertise these bags online ( but they don't. The one below is just one version. They have black, carmel, and multi-color (black, carmel, white) that looks identical but with crocodile pattern. This one below comes in many colors, including this pale pink and black. 

PRICE: $60.00

DAILYLOOK ( This website has AMAZING Celine look-a-likes. It is online only so be sure to read the measurements and colors carefully so you get what you want. Their tote is called the "Large Structured Bag" and it costs $74.99 with FREE SHIPPING for purchases over $75.00! They have SO MANY COLORS too: Beige, Black, Blue, Red, White/Black, and Beige/Grey. 

BAGINC. ( This website has AWESOME Celine look-a-likes in real leather! Their Celine look-a-likes are called The Whitney bag, they come in many different colors. They are priced at $109.00 but free shipping on orders over $99! 

The Whitney Bag (Above)
Also popular is The Lana/Vanessa Bag (Below)
These are both priced at $109.00. The medium totes are $99 and the mini totes are $79. You can see a YouTube review of them by clicking HERE

Going on vacation? Going on a trip? Want to impress someone with a REAL Celine for a short period of time? Borrow it!

You can click HERE to visit Bag, Borrow, and Steal's website, where you can "borrow" a Celine from  $142-$500 per month. If you need it longer, they can automatically extend your borrowing period! 

If you look up Celine look-a-likes online, there are a TON but they either look nothing similar to a Celine or they were in a boutique with very limited quantity and are now all sold out. I have looked at hundreds of websites and these were the ones that were the best quality, looked IDENTICAL, and were always in stock. 

They also have great return and shipping policies, unlike buying something off eBay or an unknown overseas website! 

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